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Handling URLs containing slash '/' character

Posted by Priit Laes on 2011-10-14 @ 15:46 and filed in URLs

Creating RESTful web services with Flask is a breeze, until you run into an issue where you want to put an identifier containing slash character '/' into the URI.

Let's say that you have an app that generates a list of urls for a list of products:

{% for p in products %}
  <a href="{{url_for('product', code=p.code)}}">{{ p.title }}</a><br>
{% endfor %}

View function then takes the code from the URL, looks up the product from database and renders template:

def product(code):
    product = Product.query.filter_by(code=code).first()
    return render_template('product', product=product)

It all works fine until one of the product codes contains slash and the URL /product/123/foo ends up giving an error 404.

But all is not just lost. If your first idea is to write a clever escape/unescape function that works automatically with both template and view code, then STOP!

This can be fixed by just using a path: as converter keyword to the URL argument:


Happy Slashing! :)

This snippet by Priit Laes can be used freely for anything you like. Consider it public domain.