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Show correct Tracebacks for some Errors triggered inside a Template on GAE

Posted by Joshua Bronson on 2011-09-26 @ 16:55 and filed in Template Tricks

This may only be an issue if you're using an environment like Google App Engine.

If you've ever had an error triggered somewhere in a template and the traceback displayed in the browser did not point to the line causing the error (but instead to a line like {% extends '_base.html' %}), this might cause a more helpful traceback to be displayed:

def format_exception(tb):
    return tb.render_as_text()
# undocumented feature
app.jinja_env.exception_formatter = format_exception

Add this hack to get the browser to respect the plaintext whitespace:

from flask import make_response
def format_exception(tb):
    res = make_response(tb.render_as_text())
    res.content_type = 'text/plain'
    return res
app.jinja_env.exception_formatter = format_exception

If jinja2.debugrenderer is implemented in the future, tb.render_as_html would be even better.

This snippet by Joshua Bronson can be used freely for anything you like. Consider it public domain.