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Validating a Flatland Schema

Posted by Dag Odenhall on 2011-09-14 @ 17:25 and filed in Forms

Given this example Flatland schema,

from flatland import Form, String

class SignInForm(Form):
    username = String
    password = String

The correct way to create an element instance from a Flask request is as follows:

if request.method in ['POST', 'PUT']:
    form = SignInForm.from_flat(request.form.items(multi=True))

A little wordy, so you might want to write a little helper function:

def form_from_request(schema):
    return schema.from_flat(request.form.items(multi=True))

Now you can simply do this in a view:

if request.method in ['POST', 'PUT']:
    form = form_from_request(SignInForm)

An alternative could be to subclass Form and add a validate_on_submit method similar to what Flask-WTF does, so that you can refactor out the request.method check.

This snippet by Dag Odenhall can be used freely for anything you like. Consider it public domain.