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Permalink function decorator

Posted by justquick on 2010-05-04 @ 05:03 and filed in URLs

This is a function decorator that wraps a function that returns arguments to flask.url_for. This is handy when modeling objects in an ORM and you need to reference their absolute URL. Here is an example of that in pseudocode:

class User(Model):
    username = StringField(...)
    email = StringField(...)
    def absolute_url(self):
        return 'profiles', {'username':self.username}

Assuming that you have a 'profiles' endpoint setup, when User.absolute_url is called it will return the URL to the 'profiles' endpoint with the username values (producing something like /profiles/username). If there is any error in building the URL, the function will return None instead.

Here is the code:

from flask import url_for
from werkzeug.routing import BuildError

def permalink(function):
    def inner(*args, **kwargs):
        endpoint, values = function(*args, **kwargs)
            return url_for(endpoint, **values)
        except BuildError:
    return inner

This snippet by justquick can be used freely for anything you like. Consider it public domain.