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Unittest example with before and after function calls

Posted by Rock Howard on 2011-07-20 @ 19:46 and filed in Sessions

The following has been tested with Flask 6 but I think that it should work with other releases.

def test_set_date_range(self):
    arg_dict = {
            'min_date': "2011-7-1",
            'max_date': "2011-7-4",
    with self.app.test_request_context('/date_range/',
                method="POST", data=arg_dict):

        # call the before funcs
        rv = self.app.preprocess_request()
        if rv != None:
            response = self.app.make_response(rv)
            # do the main dispatch
            rv = self.app.dispatch_request()
            response = self.app.make_response(rv)

            # now do the after funcs
            response = self.app.process_response(response)

    assert response.mimetype == 'application/json'
    assert "OK" in response.data

There should be a "Testing" category."

This snippet by Rock Howard can be used freely for anything you like. Consider it public domain.