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Deploying a Flask app on Dotcloud

Posted by Marc de Verdelhan on 2011-06-17 @ 03:09 and filed in Deployment

Please note: this snippet does not cover the connection to the database.

How to deploy a Flask app on Dotcloud

Create the namespace you want:

dotcloud create <namespace>

A DotCloud application is described by a build file, which is a simple YAML file named "dotcloud.yml" located in your local source directory. To add a new python service to your app, just add the following lines to <source_folder>/dotcloud.yml:

  type: python

Now create a <source_folder>/wsgi.py file containing:

import sys
from <your_app_package> import app as application

/home/dotcloud/current is the default path to your app on the server.

Eventually, create nginx.conf and uwsgi.conf in the source folder. See Dotcloud documentation for further information.

Create your requirements.txt file:

pip freeze > ./requirements.txt

Now, make sure that your source folder contains at least:

	./ ...
./ ...

Create a symbolic link to your static folder:

cd <source_folder>
ln -s <your_app_package>/static static

You can now push the code to Dotcloud:

dotcloud push <namespace>

A random URL has been generated for your python service in your application (something like http://my4ppr0x.dotcloud.com/). Point your browser to this URL to see your new app running.

This snippet by Marc de Verdelhan can be used freely for anything you like. Consider it public domain.