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Getting an object from a SQLAlchemy model or abort

Posted by Jérôme Pigeot on 2010-08-24 @ 11:32 and filed in Database

A simple shortcut which let you returning an abort code when the wanted object is not found.

This kind of trick is already integrated in the Flask-SQLAlchemy extension (with the get_or_404() method) so it's just usefull if you're using SQLAlchemy natively...

Here's the code:

def get_or_abort(model, object_id, code=404):
    get an object with his given id or an abort error (404 is the default)
    result = model.query.get(object_id)
    return result or abort(code)

And now how to use it in your app:

def theme_detail(theme_id):
    # shows a theme
    theme = get_or_abort(Theme, theme_id)
    return render_template('theme_detail.html', theme=theme)

This snippet by Jérôme Pigeot can be used freely for anything you like. Consider it public domain.