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nl2br filter

Posted by Dan Jacob on 2010-06-17 @ 05:03 and filed in Template Tricks

This is a nl2br (newline to <BR>) filter, adapted from the Jinja2 example here:


import re

from jinja2 import evalcontextfilter, Markup, escape

_paragraph_re = re.compile(r'(?:\r\n|\r|\n){2,}')

app = Flask(__name__)

def nl2br(eval_ctx, value):
    result = u'\n\n'.join(u'<p>%s</p>' % p.replace('\n', '<br>\n') \
        for p in _paragraph_re.split(escape(value)))
    if eval_ctx.autoescape:
        result = Markup(result)
    return result

This snippet by Dan Jacob can be used freely for anything you like. Consider it public domain.