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Chunked Secure Cookie Session (Client Side)

Posted by RJ Patawaran on 2015-10-07 @ 06:00 and filed in Sessions

Use this if you need to store large session data (more than 4093 bytes, up to 40930 bytes) and don't want to bother with server side storage.

import hashlib
from flask.sessions import SessionInterface, SessionMixin, session_json_serializer, SecureCookieSession, URLSafeTimedSerializer, total_seconds, BadSignature

class ChunkedSecureCookieSessionInterface(SessionInterface):
	"""The default session interface that stores sessions in signed cookies
	through the :mod:`itsdangerous` module.
	#: the salt that should be applied on top of the secret key for the
	#: signing of cookie based sessions.
	salt = 'cookie-session'
	#: the hash function to use for the signature.	The default is sha1
	digest_method = staticmethod(hashlib.sha1)
	#: the name of the itsdangerous supported key derivation.  The default
	#: is hmac.
	key_derivation = 'hmac'
	#: A python serializer for the payload.	 The default is a compact
	#: JSON derived serializer with support for some extra Python types
	#: such as datetime objects or tuples.
	serializer = session_json_serializer
	session_class = SecureCookieSession

	def get_signing_serializer(self, app):
		if not app.secret_key:
			return None
		signer_kwargs = dict(
		return URLSafeTimedSerializer(app.secret_key, salt=self.salt,

	def open_session(self, app, request):
		s = self.get_signing_serializer(app)
		if s is None:
			return None
		cookie_vals = {}
		for cookie_name in request.cookies:		
			if cookie_name.startswith(app.session_cookie_name):
				cookie_vals[cookie_name] = request.cookies.get(cookie_name)
		vals = []
		for cookie_name in sorted(cookie_vals.keys()):
		val = ''.join(vals)
		if not val:
			return self.session_class()
		max_age = total_seconds(app.permanent_session_lifetime)
			data = s.loads(val, max_age=max_age)
			return self.session_class(data)
		except BadSignature:
			return self.session_class()

	def save_session(self, app, session, response):
		domain = self.get_cookie_domain(app)
		path = self.get_cookie_path(app)
		if not session:
			if session.modified:
				for cookie_idx in range(10):
					response.delete_cookie('%s:%s' % (app.session_cookie_name, cookie_idx),
										   domain=domain, path=path)
		httponly = self.get_cookie_httponly(app)
		secure = self.get_cookie_secure(app)
		expires = self.get_expiration_time(app, session)
		val = self.get_signing_serializer(app).dumps(dict(session))
		chunks, chunk_size = len(val), len(val)/9
		vals = [ val[i:i+chunk_size] for i in range(0, chunks, chunk_size) ]
		for i in range(10):
				val = vals[i]
				val = ''
			response.set_cookie('%s:%s' % (app.session_cookie_name, i), val,
								expires=expires, httponly=httponly,
								domain=domain, path=path, secure=secure)

This snippet by RJ Patawaran can be used freely for anything you like. Consider it public domain.