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Language Switcher via Cookie, Accept Headers

Posted by Paul on 2015-02-24 @ 15:05 and filed in Internationalization

A combination of Decorator, Context Processor and Post-Request Injection to handle switching languages by first looking at the Accept Language Header and subsequently giving the user control over the preset language, as mirrored by a cookie.

def match_languages(f):

    def decorated(*args, **kwargs):
        '''Decorator to determine preferred language by Accept
        Language Header. Switching Languages is provided through
        an injected unordered list.

        cookie = request.cookies.get("App-Language")
        '''Ping flask for available languages'''
        AVAILABLE_LOCALES = flask.g.i10n.get_available_locales()
        if not cookie in AVAILABLE_LOCALES: cookie = None

        if cookie is None:
            UA_langs = request.headers.get('Accept-Language').split(",")
            matches = filter(lambda x: x.split(";")[0] in AVAILABLE_LOCALES, UA_langs)
            lang = matches[0] if matches else AVAILABLE_LOCALES[0]

        '''Set best match as global language'''
        flask.g.lang = cookie if cookie else lang
        return f(*args, **kwargs)

    return decorated

The Post-Request Cookie Setter

def pass_language():
    def set_lang_cookie(response):
        response.set_cookie('App-Language', flask.g.lang)
        return response

Inject Language Dictionary into Template

def inject_lang_switcher():
    '''Inject prefixes of available feed languages in unordered list
    Test root langs in Accept-Language Header
    against langs in aufschaltung'''

    if request.is_xhr or \
        not flask.g.i10n.has_langs:
            return []

    AVAILABLE_LOCALES = flask.g.i10n.get_available_locales()    
    lang_prefixes = [dict(prefix = l.split("-")[0], lang = l,
        selected = l == flask.g.lang) for l in AVAILABLE_LOCALES]

    return dict(lang_switcher = lang_prefixes)

This snippet by Paul can be used freely for anything you like. Consider it public domain.