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Helper to list routes (like Rail's rake routes)

Posted by Jonathan Tushman on 2013-10-03 @ 01:00 and filed in URLs

I make a helper method on my `manage.py`:

def list_routes():
    import urllib
    output = []
    for rule in app.url_map.iter_rules():

        options = {}
        for arg in rule.arguments:
            options[arg] = "[{0}]".format(arg)

        methods = ','.join(rule.methods)
        url = url_for(rule.endpoint, **options)
        line = urllib.unquote("{:50s} {:20s} {}".format(rule.endpoint, methods, url))
    for line in sorted(output):
        print line

The output looks like:

CampaignView:edit              HEAD,OPTIONS,GET     /account/[account_id]/campaigns/[campaign_id]/edit
CampaignView:get               HEAD,OPTIONS,GET     /account/[account_id]/campaign/[campaign_id]
CampaignView:new               HEAD,OPTIONS,GET     /account/[account_id]/new

Then to run it:

`python manage.py list_routes`

For more on manage.py checkout: http://flask-script.readthedocs.org/en/latest/

This snippet by Jonathan Tushman can be used freely for anything you like. Consider it public domain.