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Paypal IPN Verifier for Flask

Posted by Manu on 2013-06-21 @ 07:00 and filed in APIs and Microformats

I had been trying to verify paypal IPN using Flask. After researching a bit, i found a good snippet in GIST, by cbsmith. I did a little modification to make it work in all cases.

IPN_URLSTRING = 'https://www.sandbox.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr'
IPN_VERIFY_EXTRA_PARAMS = (('cmd', '_notify-validate'),)
from itertools import chain

def ordered_storage(f):
    import werkzeug.datastructures
    import flask
    def decorator(*args, **kwargs):
        flask.request.parameter_storage_class = werkzeug.datastructures.ImmutableOrderedMultiDict
        return f(*args, **kwargs)
    return decorator

@app.route('/paypal/', methods=['POST'])
def paypal_webhook():
    #probably should have a sanity check here on the size of the form data to guard against DoS attacks
    verify_args = chain(request.form.iteritems(), IPN_VERIFY_EXTRA_PARAMS)
    verify_string = '&'.join(('%s=%s' % (param, value) for param, value in verify_args))
    #req = Request(verify_string)
    response = urlopen(IPN_URLSTRING, data=verify_string)
    status = response.read()
    print status
    if status == 'VERIFIED':
        print "PayPal transaction was verified successfully."
        # Do something with the verified transaction details.
        payer_email =  request.form.get('payer_email')
        print "Pulled {email} from transaction".format(email=payer_email)
         print 'Paypal IPN string {arg} did not validate'.format(arg=verify_string)

    return jsonify({'status':'complete'})

This snippet by Manu can be used freely for anything you like. Consider it public domain.